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About Us

Turbo Driving Forum: All About Us

Our main website is this Turbo Driving Forum. But we did have a Motoring News Headlines website too. However, that changed a few years ago when the blogs became unviable.

Indeed, the Turbo Driving Forum is all about relaxing and having fun. Moreover, we have been around for ages, and everything is revving up nicely. In the first place, we have quite a few regular posters. But, we are actively seeking more members. So, consider joining us today and making this driving forum your home.

Obviously, we talk shop in the main Turbo Driving Lounge. That is because we are all about road users, including pedestrians. Be that as it may, most of our members are drivers.

However, we also have many off-topic forums. With this in mind, anyone can join because we have community forums to debate anything. To repeat, the Turbo Driving Forum is all about having fun!

Finally, the team here at these road users forums has stuck together through thick and thin. Because of this, we have very few problems to deal with. Therefore, this is your invitation to join us and make your mark. By all means, if you think we can improve things here, let us know.

Turbo Driving Forum Team.