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Forum Rules

From time to time we need to inform you about things that affect the Turbo Driving Forum. Indeed, this is essential if we want these message boards to run smoothly. Obviously, check these board notices regularly.
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Forum Rules

Post by Jaguar »

Turbo Driving - Forum Rules or Guidelines

Listen up everyone.
We need a few guidelines to help keep the boards running smoothly.
Do not argue about them they will enforced rigidly.

1) Anything you post is all your responsibility. Stay legal while on the Turbo Driving Website because on the internet you are never anonymous.
2) Stay friendly with everyone here and never make people feel unwanted or unwelcome.
3) No porn or extreme images and no links to those sort of sites.
4) No swearing except in the members only forums - those who do not want to read posts with swear words can easily avoid them as they will be clearly marked.
5) Check back regular for changes.

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