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Membership Ranks

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2016 11:14 pm
by Jaguar
Membership Ranks

The Turbo Driving Forum now has a ranking system designed around how many forum posts you make.
These are simple rankings based around car drivers.
Basically, the more you post, the higher ranking position you will be placed in.
The system is automatic.
However, you can be placed in one of the special ranks such as "Top Poster" etc based on your contribution to the Turbo Driving Forum.

00 - 49 posts - "Rusty Car Driver"
50 - 149 - "Family Car Driver"
150 - 299 - "Hot Hatch Driver"
300 - 499 - "Sports Car Driver"
500 - ? - "Turbo Driver"

The VIP rank is on an post count that is secret.
The Turbo Driving Forum has implemented a minimum character posting policy to stop spamming in order to go through the rankings quickly. You must post a minimum of 25 characters and they must not make nonsense - the mods reserve the right to delete posts which you make that constitute as spam.